Yesterday & Today Turkish Cypriots of Australia

After two years of research, here it is a real Turkish delight, Yesterday & Today Turkish Cypriots of Australia. A commemorative book to embrace the 60 year history of the Turkish Cypriot community in Australia. The book is the first official publication of its kind.

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$35 (Within Australia – includes postage)

$80 (International – includes postage)

Throughout the book you can read the interesting stories from a selected group of early settlers. You will be introduced to Osman Saban, one of the earliest known Turkish Cypriot males to embrace the shores of the land down under, and at the same time, understand the reasons why Ijlal Mustafa – the earliest recorded Turkish Cypriot female arrival, left Cyprus on a charter flight to Australia in 1948.

While you preoccupy yourself with the stories of the first settlers, you will be taken on a journey in to the lives of three very different individuals in the Feature Stories chapter. Mr Ibrahim Dellal – a spiritual character who has devoted his life to the establishment of his religion, Mr Ahmed Gazi – an early business entrepreneur, and Mr Fadıl Osman – a battler who has fought against all the odds in life and won.

The stories of the second generation achievers are not forgotten in this publication. Just as we learn from our forefathers, we also learn from the events of today. In the Second Generation Achievers chapter we get to understand some of the problems younger Turkish Cypriots faced while growing up in Australia and acknowledge their achievements.

Finally an in depth analysis about the history and current day activities of the Turkish Cypriot entities that form the foundations of the community will be provided. The important dates and historical events that have shaped the direction of the community will be conveyed to every reader with the assistance of invaluable photographs.

I invite everybody to learn about the history of the Turkish Cypriots of Australia.